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Snakehive was born in 2012: the bright idea of father & son Nick and Tim Thorp. Back then, touch screen smartphones were new on the block, but without protection, they were breaking - instead of making - waves.

The forward-thinking duo came up with a solution to reject plastic fast-fashion and wrap cell phones in beautifully handcrafted leather cases. Being digitally- and design-minded, they added smart functionality in there too.
Not afraid to experiment, designs included everything from belt pouch phoneholders (they’re still in!) to sustainable, wood-carved cases, before settling on the ever-popular Vintage Leather Wallet. Confident that they had landed on a keeper, they expanded from humble beginnings as cellphone case providers to developing a range of premium leather accessories.

Our range now includes slimline leather wallets, luggage tags to label you for the long haul, and passport covers to hide even the worst passport photo. Across the range, one thing is certain; Snakehive accessories age beautifully well... if that was only true for the rest of us!


We believe that our role on the planet extends well beyond what we sell. Good products and people have a lot in common. It's not all about looks; it's about what's on the inside too.

We live in a world that celebrates wealth, status, and fleeting ‘Insta-stardom’. Bucking the trend, we believe there’s another way. We celebrate character over cash, personality over possessions.

Everything from our hiring policies, to our customer service, to our involvement with causes close to our hearts lives and breathes this philosophy. Because it really is what’s inside that counts.


We’re big on quality, which means we pay attention to detail. Fast-fashion-phobic, we source premium materials that age well. Anything worth having is worth waiting for, so you’ll see that our product range isn’t huge. We focus on getting it right and we’re not afraid to say no to things. If we’re a little late to the party with a case for a new phone release, it’s because we’re getting it just right. If it’s not good enough for us, then it ain’t good enough for you.


We have a few mantras here at Snakehive: function over fashion; substance over style; and quality over quantity. Our accessories look great, but they must be long-lasting and do the job well. There's no point in mass-producing any one-size-fits-all products in our world!


We believe that wealth is in the mind, not the wallet, and we choose substance over style every time. Whether it’s products or people, it’s simply what’s inside that counts.

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